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[Translation] NEVERLAND by Valshe


NEVERLAND is a song from Storyteller album by Valshe, a Utattemite singer that famous in Nico-nico Douga (like youtube but in japanese). She (yes, although her song voice is so boyish, she is a she) is one of my favorite singer now. She already has four albums under major label: Storyteller, Jester, Revolt and Valuable Sheaves. Except Valuable Sheaves, all the songs in her albums are original (Valuable Sheaves contains vocaloid Kagamine Ren's song like Soundless Voice and Migikata no Chou).

So, NEVERLAND basically is a story about a shadowless boy who live in the country of children where the faceless adults at warfield can't touch them. He live with a girl (?) whose eyes covered by darkness. One day she decide to leave the country of children which is like a birdcage for them and become an adult by herself. But the boy didn't want her to leave him alone.

Here's the translation:

Tomedonai uso to, kurikaeshita hibi

The endless lies, and repeated days
Doko ni mo ikenai, kodomo no kuni kara
From the country of children, that leads to nowhere
Kage no nai boku wo, mitsumeta hitomi wa
The eyes that looking at the shadowless me are,
Akirameta youna, yami wo kakaeteta
Covered by darkness, and already giving up

Doushiyou mo nai negai, mou kimi wo aisenai
An hopeless hope, I can’t meet you anymore
Boku no naka no yume, kimi ga kowasu kara
Because the dream inside me, will eventually destroy you
Hikari makichirasu, yousei ga sasayaku:
Spreading light, the fairy whispers:
“Sonna ni iya nara sutechaeba ii jan”
“If you hate it so much, then just throw it away”

Koko janai, doko ka e to, tobidachitai no ni
Even if I want to fly off, not here but to somewhere

Senjou de warau, kao no nai otonatachi,
The faceless adults that laughing in warfield,
Azawarau youni yokogitte
Traversing like playing trick

Itazura ni kokoro fumitsuke hashitta
The heart ignoring the prank and run
Itai, itai, to nakiwameku LIKE A BABY
It hurt, it hurt, crying like a baby

Doushite kono torikago wo deteiku no kana?
Why do you intend to leave this birdcage?
Boku wo oite, otona ni naru no kana?
Do you want to be an adult, leaving me behind?

”Don’t go”

Hitorijime nante, atarimae na hibi.
Monopolizing is usual days.
Otona ga furenai, kodomo no kuni kara.
From the country of children that the adults can’t touch.
Kimi wo nagameteta, tanoshii sou na koe
Gazing at you, the enjoyable voice
“Sonna ni iya nara minakereba ii jan”
“If you hate it so much, just don’t look at it:”

Kanashii koto, kurushii koto, nan ni mo nai sekai de
Sadness, painful, at the world of nothing

Nobody can stop my emotion
Nobody can stop my “NEVERLAND”
Nobody can stop my desire
Nobody can stop my “NEVER ENDING DREAM”

Sukkari dare mo inakunatta senjou de, hitori warau boku wo mite.
At the warfield with nobody else, you saw me laughing alone
"Kokkei ne” to warainagara tobimawaru
"It’s funny” saying that, you laugh and fly off
Semai, kurai, kimi no inai LIKE A JAIL
It’s narrow, dark. This place without you is like a jail.


Personally I didn't understand much about the story, but I can say (at least) that this song is a twisted version of Peter Pan story. Well, if there are mistakes, feel free to comment~

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